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Posted by Ammon on September 14, 2015

A poem by my 11 y.o. son:
Alyn's poem

For those that struggle reading it:

Imagine just a simple smile
Keeping you happy for a little while
then you show it and pass in on
and make someone’s day a little more fun
so wear a smile not a frown
and help people up don’t push people down.


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Finding Answers

Posted by Ammon on March 25, 2008

Since I spend a lot of time in the car recently, I have had many opportunities to listen to my ipod and podcasts.

Free Capitalist radio has kept me in listening material previously, but I have now listened to every live show at least once and have sought out other uplifting and principle based podcasts. One that I really enjoy is “BYU recent talks” podcast. This morning I listened to a talk by Joseph Fielding McConkie entitled “Finding Answers” which I thought resonated with what Rick talks about with individualism vs. tribalism.

Too often I find myself looking to others to answer the hard questions of life for me. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help in discovering an answer, but I sometimes just want someone to give me the answer instead of help me learn through the process of finding it.

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