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Profit is, indeed, the tool of validation.

Posted by Ammon on June 12, 2014

There is an excellent explanation in the video below of how profit is, in fact, is the tool of validation (see “Principle 9” of the “13 Principles of Prosperity”, coined by Rick Koerber). Profit is a tool of motivation for the entrepreneur, but it is also the best tool to verify that what he does provides value for people in the marketplace (society).



I feel it is also important to discuss what I’m sure many of you are asking – “What about the profit that comes from something immoral?  Are you saying that it validates that?”

Yes, but not in the way you might be thinking.  Validation, in this sense, is simply a process of verification – a way to measure something apart from any value judgement.

Profit is not a measure of morality or virtue, it is simply information communicating to an entrepreneur that he/she is providing a product or service that other people value.  It does not remove the fact that people value immoral things.

Profit, then is not the problem when immoral things are profitable.  The problem is the demand for the immoral things.  Removing the profitability of an immoral thing does not end the demand.  Only an excellent education can fix the problem.


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