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Rebuttal to “The Life of Julia”

Posted by Ammon on May 10, 2012

This is my rebuttal to President Obama’s “The Life of Julia” campaign ad:This is a fallacy.  Like so many people in government sponsored conveyor belt education, President Obama thinks that children need more academics, earlier to succeed.  Until children have a good solid core phase (developing their sense and understanding of Good, Bad, Right, Wrong, True and False), which lasts until about the age of 8, they will end up more like 1930’s Germany than late 1700’s America.  Spending more money on educating more children earlier does nothing to help our nation become more free, or more prosperous.

This is based on the false idea that the purpose of education is to get a better job.  Preparing for college should be done by learning what your life mission is, and disciplining yourself to spend 8-10 hours / day studying what you need understand to accomplish it.  Standardized tests, standardized programs like Race to the Top do nothing to help in this program, but promote the tendency to teach to the test and not to a good solid understanding of anything.

Both of these programs are government handouts that take from someone who created value in society and give it to someone else.  This would be immoral if done by private citizens, therefore it is immoral for a government to do it.  Taking money using the authority of force is destruction.  Destruction is never productive, no matter how well intentioned the taker.

Insurance companies stay in business by taking calculated risks by charging according to the risks involved.  When forced by legislation to cover people they would not ordinarily cover, they will either need to raise rates or go out of business, thus providing less competition in the marketplace which will either increase costs to consumers, or decrease quality.  If I didn’t have more experience with the lack of depth that America’s colleges  have with any subject, but especially economics, it would be amazing to me that a former economics instructor would promote such a program.

Legislation like the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act are Racist, Sexist, and all around bigoted.  They assume that certain minority or “protected classes” are incapable of making their own decisions about what they agree to be paid when they choose to become employed.  This is what I believe was the motivation of the “Real Julia Rips Sexist Obama Ad” youtube video.

Capping loan payments will probably cause that Julia take longer  to pay off her student loans and thus be in debt a lot longer, paying the lender that much more in interest.  Controlling of interest rates is one of the major causes of inflation.

Again, requiring insurance to cover certain things that it wouldn’t otherwise cover, increases the risk for the insurance company, thus increasing costs and thus increasing premiums.  If premiums have a cap, insurance companies either go out of business or decrease the quality of their services.  Health Care decisions in the hands of her employer is the best place for them because Julia has more influence over her employer than she does over the Federal Government. Why in the world anybody thinks that it is better to trust the Federal Government and not their employer to treat them fairly, I am having a hard time figuring out.

Again with insurance and free services required by legislation, and not by a mutually beneficial agreement between the parties involved.  Need I repeat myself?

Again with government mandated standards and standardized programs.  See my comments for when Julia was 17.

 If this were the only thing that President Obama did that affected small businesses, it would be great.  However the costs of starting a small business are much higher under President Obama’s policies than they have been in many years.

Blah blah blah, requiring insurance companies to do something that is not in their interest … blah blah blah.  If insurance companies don’t create value to society, then why does everyone want the services that they offer?

If anything, this slide show has demonstrated how Julia has been dependent on other people more than contributing to society, now she will be receiving yet more money that is taken from others to support her.  The idea of retirement to “relax” is a sick and perverse idea.


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